Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

mooncakes gift packaging
Fri Sep 09 2022 Irene

Premium mooncakes with beautiful packaging to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

A gift for yourself that's just as good as for your loved ones.

What makes a great gift? Surely, something special and no less unique. This Mid-Autumn Festival, treat your loved ones, far or near, to some of the most mooncakes gift available in the market. These mooncakes gift packaging are made to impress and more importantly, remind your dearest that youre thinking of them during this season of reunion, completeness and togetherness.


This package uses bagasse to create a complete set of exquisite gift packaging ideas. At present, it has provided mature packaging solutions for many well-known brands at home and abroad. The industry covers moon cakes, tea biotechnology, consumer electronics, beauty and skin care, etc.

Replace trees with bagasse, do not cut a tree, 100% biodegradable, low carbon emissions.

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2022